I Cried Today

Growing up, I cried a lot.
In the shower, in my room, in my closet, in my bed.
Growing up, I cried a lot.

Today, I cried.

Not about the same things as young me once cried about, but nonetheless, I cried today.

With my parents in the room next door and popping their heads in and out of my door, I quickly sniffed everything back in, wiped my tears, and attempted to pretend everything was okay.

A part of me wonders if my parents knew I was crying. I know they’ve heard me cry in person many times, but I’m not sure if they ever knew when I was crying in my room. Who am I kidding, I’m sure they did. So as I stood there shaking, leaning over my sink after my phone call today, I wondered to myself if my parents heard my woes and thought to themselves – what a familiar sound – and knew that

I cried today.


I Cried Today

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