Dear Me

In the midst of your struggles, your insecurities, and the lies that speak louder than the voice in your head…

Don’t forget that you have people. You may not have a “group” like you’ve always dreamed of, but God has placed good and true people in your life as a source of joy, comfort, and encouragement during your most troubled times. These friends have weathered through some of the toughest transitions and circumstances with you and never left your side once. These friends supported you and stood by you even when things got really messy. These friends kept up with you even if you were thousands of miles away. These friends care and adore you and will always want to meet up with you no matter how long it’s been. Don’t forget that you are not alone. Loneliness is but a fog that keeps you from seeing what you already have in front of you. It’s a trap that makes you believe that you are lost and alone forever while it snuffs out the light that you know is there. It’s about perspective because in that moment, you may believe you are lonely, but you really aren’t. You never will be. God’s with you every step of the way, and with Him darkness never wins. He will guide and protect you as you fall into this pit of despair – all you have to do is look up.

Don’t forget that he chose you. He didn’t choose any other girl – he chose you. He chose to pursue your heart and a relationship with you. He chose to be courageous and vulnerable despite how difficult it was for him. He chose you even though in his head he thought that door was already closed. Don’t forget that he cares. No matter how long or how intense a talk may be, he’s there. He sits in those long silences and listens, talks, and processes with you. Even if he has homework or if he’s really tired, he’ll sit there and work it out until everything’s okay. He accepts you and loves you for who you are – ugly crying and everything. He looks forward to talking to you whether it’s online, through video chat, or in person. He wants to see you, and he wants to know about what’s going on in your life. Don’t forget that he loves you. He may not express it out loud very often, but he does with his actions. He’s cooked, cleaned, and walked your dog for you. He tells you to text him when you get home whenever you drive back home. He took care of you when you were sick, tucked you into bed when you were too tired to walk, and he’s made it up to you whenever he’s messed up. Even when everything seems to be so terribly wrong, everything written above is true and stands true no matter what your thoughts and emotions say otherwise. This is true.

Don’t forget that God loves you. He created you in His image and breathed life into you. He sent His son down to die for you on the cross so that you can be with Him. Your worth and value is in nothing else but Him. No matter how many times you mess up, God loves you nonetheless. His love for you is unconditional, and His grace is plentiful. No matter how far away you may feel from Him, He is always seeking after you and your heart. He knows every fiber of your being, and this is but a season of growth where God is continually molding you to become more like Him. He is constant. He’s faithful and good, and He always will be. In your darkest times, He was there. He gave you a sense of peace and comfort that you wouldn’t have any other way. He’s blessed you with friends, family, and a comfortable way of life. He’s given you opportunities to further His kingdom and opportunities to be a blessing to others. Everything He’s done, He’s done with your best interest at heart.

Don’t forget these truths

in the midst of your struggles, your insecurities, and the lies that speak louder than the voice in your head…don’t forget.

Dear Me