company of 1

i just got back from visiting my friend in minnesota and while i’ve traveled on an airplane by myself countless times, this was the first time i explored the streets on my own.

1) i definitely over thought how to navigate to and from places.

  • i was nervous to take the light rail from the airport to where my friend was, so i kept asking her for confirmation because i was so scared i’d get lost.
  • in a way she felt like my little fairy friend that helps you on the tutorial level of your video game hahah.

2) it wasn’t as awkward as i thought it was going to be.

  • since i came during the week, my friend still had work, so i had to go out and find food for myself for lunch.
  • back at home i would always tell myself ‘today’s the day you eat by yourself’ but i never did it πŸ˜›
  • it was a little awkward when the waiter/waitress realized it was a meal for one x-x but after that, it was really fine – they were nice (: for the most part i was on my phone or just listening to the chatter that surrounded my bubble of silence.

3) i was worried for nothing.

  • during this gap year, i have said that i wanted to do a solo trip somewhere to which people suggested going to europe. i feel like yes, it’s definitely possible but i just feel way too uneasy about me traveling and figuring stuff out in europe compared to a different state. i said maybe i could go do national parks but i feel like having a buddy is good for health and safety reasons. so it was cool that i got to go to minnesota and venture out on my own in and around town!
  • i say all this because i’m really bad at directions >< i lived in dallas for a while and still was unsure of which way to turn to get somewhere. i just get disoriented really easily LOL. but to my surprise, i was okay this time around! and i got to places with almost no trouble at all (:
  • with it came a lot of freedom to took tiny detours in order to experiment a route or challenging myself to not look at google maps to help me get to my destination πŸ˜€

4) it was pretty freeing tbh.

  • it was really nice to just walk around and adventure out. i think also because it was chilly, cold, and everywhere around me was still white – the whole experience was really refreshing.

5) company of 1 isn’t all that bad.

  • one afternoon i decided to go check out a museum before meeting up with my friend, and yeah i felt a little awkward going in and joining a mini tour where the other 3 people knew each other and i was just there lol.
  • but it wasn’t bad! i looked at everything at my own pace, yet still learned a lot about the city’s history and everything. it also helped that the place was nearly empty because it was a thursday afternoon πŸ˜›

something interesting did happen that has never happened before was that i received an unsolicited advance from a guy while i was waiting for the metro…

i had just finished eating lunch with my friend and was walking towards the light rail. i saw that it was almost at the platform, so i quickly bought my ticket and jumped on. as i sat there, i realized that there was a high probability that i was on the wrong one and needed to get off, but i realized too late. as soon as i stood up, the light rail started to move.

looking back if i had gotten on the right one, i wouldn’t have undergone the following experience but oh well -_-

so i was like ok no big deal, i’ll get off on the next one and hop on the right train. as i’m waiting there, standing against a pole with my suitcase in front of me, a guy and a few of his friends walk past me. i can hear them a ways away because they’re pretty much yelling. he walks past me and does a double take saying ‘heyy you pretty as helllll. can i leave you my number??’ and i was like ‘i’m good, thanks.’ to which he replied with ‘yo you japanese? chinese?’ and i kind of just stared at him in honestly a state of shock and terror. fortunately, he kept walking and caught up with his friends.

now yes. i’m sure you read that and was like ‘uh there were so many better ways you could’ve handled that’. yes, you’re right. immediately after that happened, i thought the same thing. honestly as i saw him walk past me, i already felt kind of scared because they seemed very loose (idk how to describe it x-x), and as soon as he spoke to me, i froze. i was honestly terrified because my mind immediately thought of all the different outcomes that could happen from that moment on. i knew i wouldn’t be able to outrun him with my suitcase, i couldn’t use my suitcase as a weapon because it was too heavy, and if i punched him or something, my suitcase would be vulnerable and i wouldn’t be able to getaway fast enough.

so then the only response that came out of my mouth was ‘i’m good, thanks’ >-> i wasn’t sure what he was going to do next, but i just stayed still and didn’t move – trying to keep my cool. luckily there were other people around me so i thought ‘ok if he does do something, at least there are people around who could help me i hope??’ i could see the dart was due soon so i kept repeating in my head like hurry uppp, what is taking so longggg. thankfully, he didn’t do anything to me and he walked away.

i get on the metro, and right before the doors close, he comes on with his friends. i get nervous because i wasn’t sure if he’d recognize me and try to approach me again. luckily heΒ  didn’t, and his friends and him got into a fight and were yelling at each other. he then got off on the next stop. however, the entire time they were on talking, i was coming up with ways of how to defend myself if he ended up approaching me or doing something inappropriate. thankfully nothing happened!! but it was definitely an experience and the first time i experienced something like that. and sad to say, i guess that’s what comes with traveling by yourself as well.

needless to say venturing out by myself was a really great experience! i would 10/10 recommend you go out and adventure on your own (: i think it might surprise you like it did me. but i have to say, there were moments that i kept telling myself like ‘when you’ve been on tours, there have been people who were there by yourself – this isn’t weird’, ‘enjoy your time’, ‘your friend’s at work, and you need to eat so let’s go’, and many other things haha. so yeah i guess i did have to hype myself up every now and then 😑 but in the end, a company of one isn’t too bad πŸ˜€


company of 1

the moment you extend your legs under the desk and you feel your dog :’) #pleasantsurprise