How Easy

Every time I look at my dog

I stop and think

How easy life must be for you

To not have to hear

The nagging

The opinions

Or to worry about the future

Or to feel angry or misunderstood

Oh how easy life must be for you


How Easy

I Cried Today

Growing up, I cried a lot.
In the shower, in my room, in my closet, in my bed.
Growing up, I cried a lot.

Today, I cried.

Not about the same things as young me once cried about, but nonetheless, I cried today.

With my parents in the room next door and popping their heads in and out of my door, I quickly sniffed everything back in, wiped my tears, and attempted to pretend everything was okay.

A part of me wonders if my parents knew I was crying. I know they’ve heard me cry in person many times, but I’m not sure if they ever knew when I was crying in my room. Who am I kidding, I’m sure they did. So as I stood there shaking, leaning over my sink after my phone call today, I wondered to myself if my parents heard my woes and thought to themselves – what a familiar sound – and knew that

I cried today.


I Cried Today